What You Got 2019?

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions and I’m not making any humongous goals or anything this year. I just want to resolve that I keep the same happiness, joy and sense of fulfillment and spirit of giving and self care regimen as I have right now during the Christmas and holiday season. I just hope that as the year goes on and tides change that I am able to come back to this place of peace. It may sound strange or seem as though I’m taking it easy but I’m not going to set any specific weight loss goals or set many goals with definite ends as I’ve done in the past. It’s kind of scary and I feel like I’m going on a trip with no map but I’m going to keep it simple and pray to stay consistent and see where it gets me.

This year I did something new, I wrote a letter to my future self. I told myself how great I had done and how proud of myself I will be. I also made a point to recap how I felt this year went for myself, and I must say, I am pleased with the outcome. No, it definitely wasn’t error free but I learned so much about myself and came to several realizations about myself. Each year I am amazed at how much better I get know myself no matter how much I think I already know.

In my letter I set some pretty exciting and scary expectations for myself for this year and I can’t wait to see what my future self will think about me.