Summer DIY Project #1: Operation Dresser

So I have been away from my blog for far too long but I am back. This post will be a little different compared to my other posts but I wanted to share so share I will do!

For those of you who may not know me, I must tell you that I am not a DIY girl, but I have found that doing things yourself can save A LOT OF MULA and who doesn’t want to do that???? Since Summer is finally here, I can relax until I’m bored then when I get bored I can find a random project to attempt which has led me to this post!!

I found myself looking around my townhome wanting to make some changes but I didn’t exactly have enough coinage to fund my remodeling dreams sooooo I turned to Youtube and started watching DIY videos to get some motivation. I saw a video about using marble contact paper to transform furniture pieces but once I started that, It seemed a little tricky so I put it on pause until I got my feet wet. (I promise I’ll go back and finish)


For my first project, I figured I would start with something small and hard to ruin so I decided to change the knobs on my dresser and nightstand.

So here I have my dresser that I purchased for my very first apartment in 2013. I wanted to do a little upgrading so that it would fit the personality and décor I have now in 2018 and what easier way than by sprucing it up with some new knobs.


This project was easy. All I needed was a screwdriver, the knobs and the new screws (included in package from amazon).


I decided, to take each knob off one at a time to replace them and VOILA 30-45 minutes later I had a NEW DRESSER!


Stay tuned for more summer projects, adventures and random chats!

Author: lenjones1988

Let me introduce myself… I’m Neesh, a 20something living in Houston trying to navigate through life. I’m a teacher by day and a dreamer by night. I’m starting this blog to wake up the writer in me and share my view as I navigate through this crazy world. So be prepared to laugh with me, cry with me and cringe with me as I share my experiences!

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