It’s What You Do When No One Is Watching

I’m writing to you from the end of my 21 day fast and I can’t say that I’m mad about my decision to go 21 days without alcohol. Going into it, I was of course worried that I wouldn’t make it (see previous post on consistency) or that I would be stuck in the house missing events. I am proud to say that neither of those things happened!!

To be honest the times that I expected to fail were the strongest days that I had. In those 21 days I hosted a birthday party at my house, endured the extended Martin Luther King break we had unexpectedly due to the Houston Blizzard of 2018, and numerous other outing with my friends and I was not tempted. I was perfectly fine drinking my lemon water and reaping the benefits of not having the extra calories added from alcohol. The times I was tempted to grab a drink were the times when I was alone. When no one was watching and no one would know. It was at those times that I had to remember what I was doing it for and it made me think about a lot of the things that we do.

In those moments after a long day of work or when I was stuck in the house for several days by myself because Houston is just not equipped for any form of ice, snow or slush, I had to really resist the urge to grab a glass of wine… It was just going to be one glass…right? Who would know?  I started thinking about other things I do when I’m by myself or when I’m out and think no one is watching and I realized it’s those are the times when we show who we really are, those are the times when our integrity steps in.

Since we are in the age of social media, everybody (me included) posts what they want people to see and we don’t always get the full story or the bigger picture.There are a lot of things that we do that we wouldn’t dare post and I’ not talking about normal things that are unshareable, I’m talking about just living day to day how we treat people and how we behave behind closed doors. I’m talking about when we leave work or around our friends and take our “social masks” off, who are we?

I honestly gained more than I expected going into this fast but the biggest lesson I’ve IMG_1746learned was to live a life of integrity and it will definitely pay off in the long run!

Consistency, Fasting, & Praying

I don’t know about any of you perfect people out there but I STRUGGLE WITH CONSISTENCY. No matter what I’m trying to be consistent in, I usually fail. Just being honest. Whether it be eating right, exercising, cleaning schedule, work schedule so on and so on…. I JUST CANNOT DO IT!!!! But in true Neesh fashion, I’m here to tell you how I intend to change this in 2018!!

But first…a backstory:
So last year I was supposed to be on a health kick, like every other person in America. I went hard for the first few weeks or so meal prepping, making my shakes, exercising etc. failurebut then per usual I fell off of the wagon. I kept exercising but my meals and alcohol intake began increasing so I was basically undoing all of my workouts and I started

noticing that the body I worked for was leaving so naturally I jumped back on the exercise train…then fell off again. Rinse and repeat.

I usually don’t make new years resolutions but this year I decided to dedicate at least the 1st 6 months of the year to getting fine, mainly my 30th bday is in July, but I also want to live a healthier life. Now making the plan is never hard. All you have to do is write


a goal down. Sketch out a plan and BAM!!! Im set! I’ll be skinny in July, right?

WRONG!!!! (but y’all knew that already)

The hardest part is executing said plan. So of course I already had this all planned out because I’ve successfully stuck to my fitness goal numerous times before*inert sarcastic tone*. I’m going to eat right, cut out liquor (yikes!), no fast food and get it in at the gym! However, this time I added God to the equation.

My church (Hope City) does a fast at the beginning of the year starting in the second week of oJanuary because my pastor realizes that we’re human and have to warm up to the new year before we can make any changes. We do 21 days of fasting and prayer fasting what ever you choose and praying for God to give you strength and see the desires of your heart. I can tell you guys right now, even though I’m only  a week in, that God was the missing part to my plan.

no alcohol

I’m fasting from alcohol and fast food and that might seem small to some of you but I was finding myself doing a little too much drinking and also noticing that I didn’t think I could have fun unless I poured up before hand and that concerned me.
Also, alcohol does nothing to aid in weight loss so giving it up was basically a two for one.

I haven’t reached the end yet so I cannot tell you what my outcome is but stay tuned because I will definitely be back to share my progress with this fast and my struggle with consistency. My goal is to make it through these 21 days with no slip ups!!

I know many other people out there fasting or just trying to do something different in their life. Don’t worry…We got this!!!motivation