My Filtered Life

10-snapchat-dog.w1200.h630Let’s talk about filters. They’re everywhere. Honestly, I don’t think very many of my followers on Snapchat and IG know what I look like anymore because I know for a fact that I’m addicted to filters. JkJk I kid I kid

But seriously…

I’m addicted so much so that when I take a filterless picture I’m kind of disappointed with my actual face. Crazy! I know. I wasn’t sure if that disappointment was something that I wanted to share with everyone but I know I can’t be the only one that’s been there. 

Those filters have a way of making flawed skin flawless, changing your eye color, giving you a full set of lashes and giving you a face beat to the gawds. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve left the house makeup less and no one would know because my snap filters saved the day lmao. It’s funny but scary all at the same time.

I may be getting to deep or thinking too hard but I see filters (giving us flawless faces and what not) are just adding the pressures we’re already getting from the media of being your best self at all times.

But I digress…

I totally understand the entertainment end of filters and probably over do it but I also foresee some image issues arising from the convenience of altering your face for photos but the dose of reality when you look in the mirror and are not who you portray to be. I’m sure there are some who get lost in the fantasy of filters to mask insecurities but the inability to carry that mask into their reality.

Filters,wherever they are are fun but be careful not to lose yourself in the fun.

And with that being said…







What better way to end this post, than add a shameless plug🤗..

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