It’s Ok Not to Be Ok

In the state of our city in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, so many people lost so much but somehow the devastation is only seen in the damage left around the city and not in the faces or personalities of those effected. There are so many people out helping others and saying everything is fine when its not. Those same people who are selflessly volunteering go home every night with burdens all their own.

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Some are out helping while they’ve had to gut their own home and pull up to their belongings on the curb because its been damaged. Some were out helping others then arrive to a powerless and/or waterless home. Some may not have any damage to their home however the damage they suffer is emotional or mental. Regardless of how much physical damage was caused by this storm I honestly believe the emotional damage needs just as much repair.

I guess I’m just here to say that it’s ok to say “No” when you’re asked if you’re ok. It’s ok to turn off the news for a bit.It’s ok to sit and soak it all in. A lot has happened. It’s ok to cry because THIS IS OVERWHELMING. It’s perfectly ok to feel however you are feeling. FullSizeRender

Take care of yourself