As you all may know many coastal cities in Texas are in a state of crisis. Hurricane Harvey came with no intention to play. Luckily I was able to “evacuate” from Houston due to previous plans to leave but many people are stuck with no way out. I’m trying to stay calm and keep from getting anxious about what is happening but I turn on the news and social media and see images like:


And that sky rockets my anxiety, especially when I start seeing areas close to my home.

But then I keep scrolling and see images like:


Seeing this makes me realize that like every other unfortunate event, we choose to make light and laugh to get over the stress and terror racing through our brains. I see #Hurricaneparty and #hurricaneplaylists everywhere and it feels like everyone is trying to make light of it because they ran out and got water, non perishables and a flashlight and feel like they’re prepared.

NEWS FLASH: Its a NATURAL DISASTER!!!!!! No matter how prepared you think you are there is no way to plan properly for this. No one knows what this storm is going to do or where its going to go. The meteorologists can only predict by patterns but that still isn’t always accurate.

I said all of this to say, pray for those who are effected by this horrible storm and for those being effected, take care of yourselves and your families FIRST. Things can always be replaced but you cannot.