IMG_0549I don’t know about y’all, but I know I find myself way too often looking scrolling down my timelines on Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook and SnapChat over and over again looking at what everybody is doing and of course it looks AMAZING!!! And what does that lead to??? FOMO.

What is FOMO?

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For me, FOMO usually happens when I’m sitting in the house on a Friday or Saturday night, hell any night in Houston, and start seeing people out and about in the city. In creep the thoughts “Why didn’t I know about that” “Dang, they didn’t tell me they were doing that” “They look lit!”. Even though I’m what they call a social introvert and needs lots of time to recharge between social events, I still feel that I need to be at EVERYTHING. Then the feelings set in so I make sure I make plans to run the streets so I can be out in the city moving around…but the funny thing is, once I get out and about its not always as fun as it was when I was watching on my phone.

Is there a cure for FOMO?

I’m glad you asked! Yes, there’s a cure. Do what the hell you want! Go out when you want, stay in when you want (and be confident in your decision). Also, remember that most people only put the best parts of their lives on social media so don’t feel bad when you don’t feel like you measure up. Chances are, they don’t either.





Millennial’s Guide to Dating

Get some quick tips to ease your mind on dating in today’s world!

Dating in 2017 is rough for millennials. We’re at a time in our lives where it feels like EVERYBODY is married and starting families. Every time you log on FB, SnapChat, Instagram there’s a wedding, sonogram, baby this baby that. It sometimes leaves me asking if God forgot me.

Trust me I’ve had my share of bad dates and relationships but that doesn’t stop me from getting out there and trying again. It might make me sit in and consider being a cat lady (even though I can’t stand cats) but it doesn’t stop me completely.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while maneuvering through this crazy dating life:


Ladies (and gentlemen), never, ever, EVER lower your standards because you want a man, woman, or whatever. Now things like height, skin color, eye color etc can be compromised but never settle for being treated less than you deserve!

  1. Treat Yo Self

Figure out what YOU like. I challenge you to sit down and write down 5 things you like to do, 5 things that make you smile, 5 things you like as gifts. This challenge is to help you figure out what things YOU like. You have to know how to keep yourself happy with or without a mate.

  1. Date yourself

It’s ok to take yourself out to eat, catch a movie by yourself, go to the museum, happy hour etc. Dating yourself gives you a chance to see how you would like to be treated. If you’re reading this and think going out with yourself is boring, think again. Plus, how can you expect someone to enjoy being around you if you don’t enjoy being around you?

  1. Have fun until you find the one!

Yes, this sounds corny, but its true. I mean honestly…what else is there to do? Get out there, live life, have new experiences, date that guy, take that trip. Don’t sit idle waiting on anyone. Life isn’t going to stop because your single.

  1. Love Yourself!

If you need to take breaks to care for yourself do it! YOU are whats important and if you’re not your best for you, you definitely won’t be your best for someone else. And like RuPaul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”



How did I get here…

So here I am at a fork trying to figure out what to do next…I see everyone around me living out my dreams and I don’t understand why I’m not getting these opportunities. Yes, everyone says what God has for you is for you but in my mind, I’m like a toddler screaming “God you’re giving all of my things away! “..


Let me introduce myself… I’m Neesh, a 20something living in Houston trying to navigate through life. I’m a teacher by day and a dreamer by night. I became a teacher kind of by fluke accident but here I am 4 years in this profession. I love the kids I do but it’s not enough.

Let’s go back even further, I was a comm major in college with dreams of being a music producer, PR specialist, something…not a TEACHER?! Somewhere along the line I gave up on my dream because I felt it was too hard and I wanted to be “successful” NOW and sad to say I’m regretting it now.

I’m sure you didn’t come here to read about my complaints so let’s move forward.

I’m starting this blog to wake up the writer in me and share my view as I navigate through this crazy world. So be prepared to laugh with me, cry with me and cringe with me as I share my experiences!